May 31, 2021

Coinage of the Realm

A breakdown of coinage used in the realm.

Coin Exchange Rate General Use
Pi 1:1 Smallest denomination. Teardrop shape of iron and copper. 5 of these are the cost of a regular person's meal
Silver (S) 1:10 Pi 2S is a common person's daily wage.
Gold (G) 1:10 S Highest form of a common person's coin
Qi Stone (QS) 1:100G smallest Immortal denomination
Blood Pi (BP) 1:100QS Exchange; coinage of advanced Immortals
Heaven Shard (HS) 1:100BP Largest coin of Immortals

Merchants, organizations and the affluent also use Marks. These tokens are guarentees provided by the issuing organizaiton for the money amount. Typically made from very hard metal and covered in unique formations to prevent abuse or duplication.

Mark Type Equivalent Exchange General Use
Merchant's Mark (MM) 1 to 1M Gold Money exchanges
Sect Promise (SP) 1 to 100K QS Sect Rewards