June 9, 2021

Fists of the North

Fists of the North

A loose coalition of civilians, legendary heroes, immortals, and some powerful monstrous beings. They are dedicated to exploring the continent, nurturing new talents, and continuing the inheritance of the northern continent. No single leader exists and most relationships in the faction are built on enlightened personal interest, common ideology, and temporary alliances.

The single most known figure within Drifting Wind is the immortal Waynmayn, who has the ability to create clones. Every single faction shop is ran by a clone of Waynmayn, so pretty much everyone meets this immortal at some point if they join the faction.

Joining the Faction

  • Anyone is free to join this faction by going to one of its faction headquarters. However, to remain in the faction after the first year, a person must do one of the following annually and report it to the faction:
    • Explore and/or map an area not documented by the faction
    • Reveal the location of a earth or higher resource
    • Receive a mentor's token
    • Reveal to the faction a fragment of an unknown or lost legacy
    • Gain a new tier of skill beyond True skill in Cartography, Formations, Medicine, Cooking, Runes or Teaching.
    • Gain a level in the Fighter, Ranger, or Wizard classes.


  • Explore the vistas of the continent, the world and the worlds beyond.
  • Nurture new talents, building the next generation.
  • Restore a lost or forgotten legacy; create new legacies for the next generation.


  • Only in exploration, inner and outer, can one's true path be found.
  • The edge of comfort is where life is truely lived.
  • A fulfilled life is one full of exploration and pressing the boundaries of danger.

Example Missions

Level Mission
Intro Map and document the Dead Trees part of the Ancient Bones Forest
Intro Pick up and deliver supplies to a depot outside of the city
Intro Take receipt of and deliver exploration supplies to a faction supported exploration group
Greater Survey the population of carrior crawlers in the Under Road.
Greater Mentor an apprentice.
Promotion Determine the cause of corpse poison infecting the Long Red village.

Example Faction Access

Access to Details
NPC Trained monk or fighter that can play a supporting role.
Resource Purple Word Tree Wood
Area Warrior's Academy
Item +2 Sword
Pet None.