June 2, 2021

Grants of Nobility

Names in this part of Mearoc are normally singular, Juil or Makl. Families use "syn", "id", or "jon" to indicate a link to their families, such as Amrose synTevez or Conal jonlzmal.

A Jerynd from a noble family would be Jerynd Kanti idMal, for example. It wold be appropriate for a stranger to address him as Jerynd or Jerynd idMal. A friend of lower stature may address him as Jerynd if among friends or Jerynd Kanti if in mixed company.

Nobility Requirements Capability
Jerynd Bestowed by the City Master, Guardian, or Territorial Lord for outstanding military exploits Minor nobility. Can own property within or without the city and maintain a small military contingent (max 20). Must provide troops to the city if called.
Aedile Originally a caretaker role but can be bestowed by City Master to anyone for political reasons technically minor nobility. This is a city position where a person takes responsibility for a specific area of the city and pays from their own pocket to make sure a road, lights, etc. are in working order. By doing so, they earn Fame with specific factions and the City Lord; or lose it, if done poorly
Revered Bestowed by the City Master or Territorial Lord. Lower nobility. Can have an estate, a small military contingent and own property within and without the city. Must provide support & troops to the city.
Wight Bestowed by the City Master or Territorial Lord. Higher nobility. Can have multiple estates, military assigned to each one, and own property in/out equal to 10% of the city max. Must provide support & troops to the city.
Guardian Assigned by the territorial lord to the city. Has equal power with the mayor (checks & balances) but is responsible for the policing and order of the city. Cities gained by conquest may not have a Guardian assigned.
City Master Bestowed by a Territorial Lord, Conquest or the Immortals. The person in charge of the city. their family takes on the name of eb+cityname, such as Jays eb Moonwells. Responsible for the upkeep, health, and power of the city.
Territorial Lord Bestowed by the Immortals or gained by right of conquest. Controls two or more cities within an expanse of land.