June 4, 2021

Moons and the Calendar

This campaign is set in Mearoc, though on a distant continent from what you have adventured on in the past. The moons are still the same and represent the gods, though they are no longer a power in the Northern Continent.

References to the moons still bear the names of the gods and goddesses, though these reference are fading in locations as new names take their place.

Current Calendar

The Immortals and Legendary Heroes tore down the structure of the Heavens and threw down the gods from their position as the rulers of the afterlife and Heavens. This event is known as Heaven Severing War. The New Year (NY) calendar begins at the end of this event.

The current game begins on 1 Sren 122(NY), a hundred and twenty two years after this event.


  1. Sren, Moon goddess of Many Smiles (Goddess of Mercy, mornings, and nurturing)
  2. Sylilnx, Blue moon god
  3. Rhystorn, God of the Golden Moon. Also called the Shattered Moon.
  4. Mangtse Owl, Tueroil, goddess of Wisdom and Magic
  5. Liroel, Violent tinted moon
  6. Sindalmis, peacock blue moon
  7. Tethys, dark black moon of Yin.
  8. Spotted Moon, yellowed moon with red to brown spots in paths around it
  9. Ecre, Sword Moon
  10. Trum, yellow-green moon
  11. Moon of Veils, Veiled Moon Goddess; has a changing corona
  12. Silver moon, Silver Moon Goddess, Silver lady
  13. Qel, Spinning moon or Sky’s Shield
  14. Vro, Rune scribed, Vro’s Oath
  15. Qi, metal moon or shining moon

Months and Holidays

Months are determined by the conjunction of the moons and called by the leading moon’s name. Across the continent, the following months and major holidays are followed:

  1. Sren
    • 1 Sren - (once per decade) - Convention of the Thousand Immortals. A remembrance ceremony and massive celebration. Hosted in a different city every 10 years. Tributes to the thousand immortals that stood against the Gods are given.
    • 29 Sren - Feast of the Past. A massive feast day and time to remember those who died in the past year. Giant stone platforms are placed at nearly every street corner and anyone can stand upon them to speak of the tales of anyone who passed in the last year. The most lucrative day of the year for Poets and Bards as many call upon their services to eulogize their relatives that passed.
  2. Moon of Veils, Silver Moon, Mangtse Owl
  3. Tethys, Silver Moon, Qi, Sindalmis
  4. Mangtse Owl, Liroel
  5. Spotted Moon, Moon of Veils, Vro
  6. Vro. Qel, Ecre
  7. Qel, Sren (faint), Vro (bright), Mangtse Owl
  8. Qi, Qel, Vro, Sindalmis
    • 12 Qi - Parade of the Guardians - Citywide parade of the military might of the cities and the strength of the noble houses. Includes duels and duels arcane, as well as contests of crafting, creation and presentation.
  9. Sylilnx
    • 18 Sylilnx - Festival of the Legendary Heroes
  10. Trum, Ecre, Liroel, Tethys
  11. Liroel, Qel, Mangtse Owl
  12. Ecre, Trum
  13. Silver Moon, Qel, Trum, Mangtse Owl
  14. Sindalmis, Sren, Mangtse Owl, Ecre
    • 7 Sindalmis - Open Doors Restaurants everyone open up and feed those who come to their door with a token they hide the day before.
  15. Rhystorn, Qi, Vro, Trum
    • 12 Rhystorn - Feast of the Yearlings. the equivalent to the earth lunar new year. It lasts three days and its when everyone will have a "birthday" and count their ages one year older. Its also a grand feast to welcome in all those born this year.