Psychic Powers

Level 1

Biothermal Mastery
Range: self Duration: 1 hour per level Type: Somatic
Description: Generate or reduce bodily warmth to survive in austere environments.

Body Image Alignment
Range: Touch Duration: see below Type: Somatic
Description: Heal by reinstating your view of their physical body through pure mental power. You must have seen the target in a healthy state previously. Heals CON Bonus x d10 HP (minimum d10) over 1 minute period.

Easy Travels
Range: touch Duration: 5 hours per level Type: Telepathy
Description: Things seem to go your way, people are bit more generous, more open, helpful, etc. Given any chance for these things, you gain a +20% bonus to shift something towards the more beneficial.

Range: self Duration: 1 m/r per level Type: Cognitive
Description: A foe must make a WIS Save in order to attack. Once made, however, it does not have to be made again.

Nerve Rattle
Range: 50 ft Duration: instant Type: Nerve
Description: Attack victim's nerves; disturbing the ability to process information and send signals to control their body. Foe is -5 initiative and -20% on all abilities and checks if they fail a CON save. Success means they are -1 and -5% respectively.

Read Aura
Range: 10ft Duration: 1 minute per level Type: Intuition
Description: You can see and read the auras of people. each minute of contemplation will give you a +30% bonus to read intent, truth or lies, emotions and so forth.

Sounding Eyes
Range: 0 Duration: 1 m/r per level Type: Intuition
Description: You have a form of sensitivity, similar to echolocation, where you can sense shapes and forms within 100 ft in all directions. This provides a +3 bonus to Perception checks and allows checks in this 100 radius every melee round.