The path to attain immortality. Since the Legendary Heroes and Immortals broke the heavens and freed the Divine Tree of Immortality from the grip of the heavens, this path is open to everyone. However, the path of cultivation is still going against the natural order and fraught with difficulty, and sometimes despair.

Note to players. If you take this special prestige class, please make sure you know what you are getting into.
Everything to advance and grow with this prestige class requires in-game play and acquisition of immortal power through heaven and earth treasures, alchemy and other means.
Experience you gain in game cannot be used with this class.
Expect some paperwork and luck to truly raise the class to its highest level and achieve immortality.

Level Name
0 Cultivator
1 Foundation
2 Core
3 Spirit
4 Void
5 Golden Immortal
6 Dao Immortal
7 Peerless Immortal
8 True Immortal
9 Origin Immortal
10 Supreme Immortal


In order to multiclass as a Cultivator, you must meet the following prerequisites:
  • You must be at least character level 2 before you can gain levels in Cultivator.
  • You must have the appropriate class for the type of cultivation you are pursuing. The linked class must be the same level or higher than your prestige class.
Method Class Description
Body Monk or Barbarian Focuses on the body; mostly defensive or enhancement powers
Sword Fighter Focuses on weapon usage. Can be any weapon.
Mystic Wizard Focuses on powers that affect reality.
Elemental Druid Uses elemental powers
Lightness Rogue or Ranger Movement, gravity defying actions, like flying
Mind Sorcerer Mental or inner power
Summoning Warlock Calls forth otherworldly beings
  • You must have a Cultivation scripture/method. Not all cultivation is equal, so planning & patience is in order.
    • Each method describes its requirements.
    • Each method defines what level you can achieve with it.
    • Each method defines what (if any) other methods work with it or counter it.
    • Each method defines what law (if any) can be achieved through it.

Class Features

Hit Points

Hit Dice: Defined by method; d6 if not defined.
HP per level: Hit Dice or (1/2) + CON modifier


Tools: Immortal Tools can be used.
Saving Throws: Defined by Law
Skills: None


Cultivator Prestige class does not provide equipment.

Concept: Tempering & Remolding

Some cultivation paths require you to temper your flesh, bone, organs, spirit or mind. Others require you to temper the path, such as swords, elements, etc. You do so via immortal power. The right combination of tempering opens up different cultivation bodies or paths, each with a different power.

  • Immortal power can be gained in only a couple of ways.
    • Consuming resources (eating)
    • Gameplay (breathing)

Eating your way to immortal power is the fastest way but requires a lot of resources, natural and alchemy.

Remolding is reversing a tempering process.

Eightfold Path History

One of the schisms that ushered in the conflict between the heavens (gods) and the Immortals & Legendary Heroes was when the immortal Mosmir began eaching the eightfold path to mortals in large settings. Any mortal was allowed to listen in and hear how they could take on the way of cultivaton and seek immortality.

It still stands as the most well known and common path to begin one's treck to immortality. Unlike any other method, it teaches the basics to every path of cultivation, including a secretive eighth path that is said to be revealed when one has mastered all its secrets to the maximum level.

The path adopted by most loose (non-sect) cultivators.

Eightfold Path

An introductory method that does not allow progression beyond LEVEL 1, but does allow achieving Level 1 in all known paths. Those who follow this method used the title "martial disciple" in regards to their method.

Note This method does not work with any other cultivation method. It cannot be used as a foundation or additional method for another method.

Each path lists the appropriate amount of Immortal power required to gain the listed power.

Path Class Stat Immortal Power Requirement Power
Body Barbarian 12 500 Iron Forged Body
Sword Fighter 12 750 Beheading Blade
Mystic Wizard 12 750 Flight
Elemental Druid 12 250 Smite
Lightness Rogue 12 500 Swift Step
Mind Sorcerer 12 750 Hard Core
Summoning Warlock 12 250 Heaven's Claw
Secret Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • Iron Forged Body. Your base AC changes from 10 to 12 due to overall reinforcement and hardness training.
  • Beheading Blade. Critical hits you make with your weapon do an extra multiplier of damage.
  • Flight. You can fly but its as exhausting as running, so endurance checks begin after a few minutes.
  • Smite. Requires 250 Immortal power per element (Fire, Air, Wood, Metal or Water) to master. Once mastered, can call on the element to strike a single target with an effect like Burning Hands (Cone 15ft, 3d6 on failed save)
  • Swift Step. Adds +10 movement.
  • Hard Core. Resistance against charm, enchantment, or attacks on one's mind, will or decision making.
  • Heaven's Claw. Requirees 15 immortal power to invoke. Takes 1 turn to manifest: a humongous crab like claw that descends from the sky. It causes fear in its target (DC 15), paralyzing them in place if they fail. If the target is paralyzed, it attacks without missing, inflict 4d6 HP damage. Otherwise, it dissapates.