The continent is rife with factions and fame or lack of it in factions can have numerous impacts in the game. Belonging to a faction sometimes means having responsibilities, but it also carries with it support and rewards for service. If you ever switch factions or leave a faction, you lose all ranks and renown with the old faction, and must start at the lowest rank with zero renown with your new faction.

All people start in one faction. Not choosing a faction adds you to the Neutrals faction by default.

Factions that are "counter" mean gaining influence in your faction reduce fame in the countering faction.

Moon Wells Factions

Faction Counter
Alchemical Families Free Commerce, Freedom Alliance
Drifting Wind None
Fists of the North Nomological Moon Sect, Northern Adventures
Free Commerce Alchemical Families, Iron Wall Association
Freedom Alliance Alchemical Families, Iron Wall Association
Hitman Guild (hidden) Iron Wall Association, Freedom Alliance, Free Commerce, Drifting Wind
Iron Wall Association Free Commerce, Freedom Alliance
Neutrals None
Nomological Moon Sect Fists of the North
Northern Adventures Fists of the North
Hunters Alliance None

Faction Gain or Loss

As a character with membership in one of the factions completes adventures, he or she can earn renown for completing tasks that align with the faction’s goals. This is expressed as fame rewarded at the end of any given adventure.

Depending on the adventure, its possible to earn between 0 to 10 fame per session. Some actions or missions earn greater amounts.

Benefits are cumulative per faction level.

Level Fame Benefit
0 0 faction alignment
1 50 discounts, intro missions
2 125 + Faction Promotion mission faction access, resource shop
3 250 + Faction Promotion mission greater missions, hire NPC
4 500 + Faction Promotion mission gain a mentor, faction support
5 800 + Faction Promotion mission special access, special missions
6 1250 + Faction Promotion mission take apprentice, faction shop
7 1800 + Faction Promotion mission accelerated training
8 2450 + Faction Promotion mission faction sponsorship
9 3000 + Faction Promotion mission issue missions
10 4000 + Faction Promotion mission faction leadership
11 6000 + Faction Promotion mission unique shop, unique access

Benefits Details

  • Faction alignment. Officially considered a part of the faction.
  • Discounts. Earn discounts at any affiliated faction shop that provides them. You also get a penalty at countering faction locations.
  • Intro missions. Take faction specific or aligned missions.
  • Faction access. Gain access to faction only aligned people, resources, items, locations, etc.
  • Resource shop. Faction has a special shop that sells resources specific to that faction that may not be attainable elsewhere. You can also sell resources via this shop to other faction members (money & fame). Initially you can access Uncommon or common resources. At Level 4 you can access Rare items. At level 5 Very Rare items. At least 6 or higher, you can access anything the shop sells.
  • Greater missions. Take faction specific or aligned missions.
  • Hire NPC. Hire an NPC from the faction for a session.
  • Gain a mentor. Faction provides a mentor that can assist you in your class or a soft skill. Use of a mentor provides bonus experience and/or can provide bonus points for a soft skill. Once a mentor is chosen, the choice is permanent unless you abandon them (penalty).
  • Faction support. Faction supports you financially or with sources/supplies.
  • Special access. Very special access to faction locations, resources, etc.
  • Special missions. Take faction specific or aligned missions.
  • Takee apprentice. You can take an apprentice in the faction that you provide experience or training to in a soft skill (doing so provides a passive fame increase).
  • Faction shop. Full access to faction shop that contains resources, items, alchemy and other special things.
  • Accelerated training. Can go to a sacred land or school for accelerated training that provides experience in your class.
  • Faction sponsorship. Faction completely sponsors you every session with goods, support and other necessary items. They also get a say in what you do and missions you take.
  • Issue missions. Ability to issue your own mission to faction members.
  • Faction leadership. You can become a faction leader. Depending on the faction, this can turn your character into an NPC if you accept.
  • Unique shop, unique access. Gain access to Legendary & unique items or areas owned by the faction.