Pet (Nurturing) System

This campaign integrates a new update to the Pet system.

A Pet or creature that can be nurtured under this system will follow the below pattern of progression.

Rarity: (Common - Unique)
Transform: Only filled in if able to transform to a different type

Tier Requirements Abilities
0 Usually None Basic ability
1 Requirements Additional or changed abilities
2 Requirements Additional or changed abilities
3 Requirements Additional or changed abilities
4 Requirements Additional or changed abilities
5 Requirements Additional or changed abilities

Requirements may include:

  • Time or Age. Requirements of this nature require the monster to be a specific chronological age or to have been at a specific Tier for a defined duration before advancement.
  • Exchange or Investment. Requirement defines the owning player must exchange something with the monster, such as Hit Points, an attribute point, etc.
  • Resources. Most common requirement is an investment of resources that must be present for the monster to advance.
  • Stabilizing. Optional items that can increase the chance of success or prevent the death of the monster during advancement.
  • Gestation. Time period where the creature cannot be used while it upgrades.

Members and campaign players have access to specific pets.

Example Pet:

Nameless Otyugh
Rarity: Common
Transform: No
Description: Small multi-legged bulbous mass with no discernable features. It clings to its owner, hiding from site normally, unless presented with food, e.g. trash to consume.

Tier Requirements Abilities
0 None Consumption (Precedent), Resizing
1 100x carrion crawler husks, (4x Violet Mage Vomitus or 2x Golden Offal), 1x Silver Power potion Rapid Consumption
2 25x multimouth corpses, 1x Golden Power potion,25x Golden Offal Consumption (Authoratative)
3 5x Rancid Mouth husks, 5x Golden Power potions, 1x Giant's Stomach husk, 1x HP from owner True Symbiote
4 Not available Not available
5 Not available Not available

Consumption. Otyugh are essentially trash eaters, though it can try to eat literally anything. It consumes at a rate of 5 DUR at Tier 0, 10 at Tier 1, 15 at Tier 2, and 20 at TIER 3.

Resizing. Otyugh can convert matter they eat into mass, if desired, growing 1 inch per pound of matter consumed. The growth is temporary, though, lastly only an hour before they shrink back to normal size. This restriction can be exceeded if they continuously eat (ask GM for clarifications).

Rapid Consumption. Change consumption rate of material to per minute insteado of per hour but the energy gained must be discarded, e.g., not available for use.

True Symbiote. Otyugh pet merges with the owner. It can "eat" poison, diseases, venom, parasites, gu (bug), and other things that invest the owner at Domain strength. Consumption of these foreign infections is instantanteous.