Wondrous Items

Name Rarity Base Price Soft Skill Faction Abilities
Amulet of Stored Death Rare 28 BP None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance, Iron Wall Association Amulet will absorb one death blow for you. Whatever takes you to zero or less HP. However, whoever wears it must suffer that blow again within a month’s time or it doubles in strength and releases.
Boots of Nimble Step Uncommon 26 QS None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance, Iron Wall Association Boots that shift and change to match your attire. They also provide a +2 bonus to initiative.
Candle of Sleep Common 2G None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance 12 uses. Each use allows one person to treat a short rest as a long rest.
Charm of Damage Deflection Uncommon 50G None None The charm deflects/absorbs 10 HP of damage from any source. The damage is absorbed from 1 or more attacks done in the same melee round and then self destructs. No more than 10 HP will ever be absorbed. Can be set to activate when first taking damage, OR when in danger of life, e.g, the strike would kill the wearer. If more than one is worn, they can be stacked so their effect is cumulative, e.g., two of them absorb 20 HP in one melee round’s worth of attacks; OR staggered, set to different options. No more than 5 charms of any type can be stacked.
Charm of Landfall Common 16 QS None None Grasp and point to a creature in the air and command it to fall (DC 16 to resist). On fail, they drop at rate of 100 ft per turn for d6+1 turns. If they hit the ground, they hit with the force of having fallen at least 100 FT.
Death Expelling Flame Rare 160 QS Formations Drifting Wind Small, blue flame the size of a candle wick flame that will float and bob around the owner’s head when released from its small silver case. The flame bends towards the direction of any undead or spirits. If two or more different directions are possible, it bends towards the strongest concentration. It does 2 HP of damage to all undead or spirits if within 40 ft of the flame. Multiple flames can stack this damage.
Endless Rope Uncommon 5G None Drifting Wind, Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance Magic rope that can extend to any desired length. Begins at 50ft and can hold 1000 lbs. Can be extended in 50ft increments but loses half of its weight capacity each time extended. 100
File of Sharpness Uncommon 4 QS None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance Magical file that adds a +2 DMG effect to a weapon for the day. Can be used twice per day.
Ghost Arrows Common 25G None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance Arrows that inflict damage only on incorporeal or spirit beings.
Gill Necklace Uncommon 333G None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance Necklace of scales that provides water breathing and free movement underwater but only in one gravity (100 ft deep or less). Deeper depths it only provides water breathing.
Golden Sword Ring Common 15 QS None Nomological Moon Sect Can store a maximum damage strike in it that can be released with a free action. It strikes with your skill but cannot critical. Maximum damage it can hold is 30 HP damage.
Hunter's Endless Wrap Uncommon 30 QS Hunters Alliance Essentially a near endless blanket that can wrap up a corpse of a creature humongous or smaller, turning it into a husk (preserved body). Stored bodies are shrank into a small, hand-held bundle and are perfectly preserved, without scent, etc.
Hunter's Wrap Pack Rare 250 QS Hunters Alliance Like the endless wrap, except its a pack that can perform the same action for 50 corpses and store them. Stored bodies are shrank to fit in the pack and are perfectly preserved, without scent, etc.
Iron Bread Common Drifting Wind Faction only (2SP) Cooking Drifting Wind Small dense bread the size of two fingers that provides enough sustenace for a full week. Best eaten with lots of liquid.
Lighten Lift Common 160G None Free Commerce A talisman that can be attached to any single object and reduce its weight by 50%. Maximum 3 of such talismans can be placed on a single object (no effect if more are used).
Mini Room Uncommon 5 QS None None A mobile "stall" with a table, one chair, one floor covering, a table cover, lockbox, and small cabinet to hold things. palm-sized but can expand to fill a 10 ft area. For 1 QS more, can also contain a customized sign.
Mobile Medicinal Herb Cabinet Rare 288 QS Alchemy Alchemy Families, Hunters Alliance Small cabinet that can fit in one's pocket. When used, expands to an 8ft cabinet with drawers to hold 50 types of herbs of 100 units each. Any herb of less than Legendary quality placed in the cabinet is automatically dried and prepared (Rank 10 - True Skill level). Cannot be used in combat. Takes one minute to shrink/grow the cabinet. Easily damaged.
Phantasm Mirro Common 30 G Formation Free commerce Allows up to (8) scenes to be preset, no more than 10 seconds in length, in full color, with sensory input. Often used by officials to pass messages or merchants to demonstrate wares.
Prismatic Ring Very Rare 335 BP None None Gain resistance against Fire, Metal, Wood, Wind, Water, Earth, Electricity, Poison or Acid damage.
Robe of Clarity Uncommon 11 QS None Freedom Alliance Provides advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Wisdom (Perception) checks.
Sand Fish Trap Common 45 G None Nomological Moon Sect, Drifting Wind A pouch that unfolds into a fish trap roughly 2x3x2 dimensions. Will sink into sand or soil for 24 hours. Can hold maximum 5 sand fish. Can be set with bait to increase the odds of capture
Shirt of Sharp Stones Uncommon 17 QS None Nomological Moon Thick, heavy shirt that has the scent of earth and rock dust. Provides a +4 bonus to unarmed combat when grappling and does d6 HP passively to anyone grappling you (per person grabbing or grappling).
Silver Sword Ring Common 4 QS None Nomological Moon Sect Can store a maximum damage strike in it that can be released with a free action. It strikes with your skill but cannot critical. Maximum damage it can hold is 12 HP damage.
Shredder Gut Uncommon 200G None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance A bag of metal shards. Once cut open, the command word spoken and a target given, it will vortex out of the bag and surround the target, inflicting 4d6 HP of cuts immediately.
Silk Line of Mental Strangulation Uncommon 16 QS None Nomological Moon Favored by women of the sect. Thin silk rope that can be snapped like a whip towards any target in line of sight to inflict d8 psychic damage/DC16 save.
Sword of Shadows Rare 275 QS None Hitman Guild Sword crafted from shadows and darkness. Can be hidden in one's shadow and pulled out as a free action. Weightless but hits like a 2-hd sword for damage. Counts as a +2 weapon for the purposes of striking beings and can hit incorporeal, shadow, or insubstantial beings.
Wound Stitch Needle Common 150G None Northern Adventures, Hunters Alliance When thrown at a creature, it will stitch up a wound, stopping bleeding and healing 3d6 HP or 10% of the total damage from one attack, whichever is greater.